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Post your job openings in our job portal and let Job seekers respond online. Receive and manage job seeker applications for your job advert and improve efficiency in your company.

Account Creation. register employer and activate acount
Account Update. update information on employer account
Create Job Advert post job adverts for job seekers anytime
Edit Job Advert edit job advert by adding new info
Employer Dashboard. activate, suspend and edit adverts
Manage Job Applications. view jobseekers who applied. view cvs
Download Documents. cvs, references, certificates etc

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A Job seeker will receive an SMS from Bonatiro with login credentials, to be used to login to this Website or our Mobile App. If its your first time, you will be asked to create your profile first before you are redirected to the jobs center. Our system saves you time as we do not ask you to fill in forms to apply for any job, you just click a button once to apply and your application is sent. When you apply, we give the employer access to your CV and all your other documents that you uploaded to your profile, the employer will contact you if they are keen to proceed with your application. When the employer first sees your application, we will notify you in your job seeker dashboard.